Garden Safety Information

 Now summer has arrived many of us will be venturing out into the garden. Home Accident Prevention NI has a few handy tips that should help you to stay safe and enjoy being in the garden this year.


  • Lock away chemicals such as weed killers and insecticides. Just because they have the words 'organic' or 'bio' on them does not make them safe for children to touch.


  • Be sure to Lock Sharp tools away from children


  • Ensure that items such as tools, cables or hoses are not left lying around in the garden and keep paths clear of obstructions. Check all paths and steps are secure and even.


  • When using ladders make sure they are safely situated on a level surface, do not try to reach too far and if possible get someone to help you by holding the ladder.


E Cigarette Dangers

E Cig

E-cigarettes highly toxic to young children

August 2015




They might seem like a harmless aid to giving up smoking, but many health professionals and agencies are beginning to question the claims that they are safe, and have spoken out about the risk they pose to children.



Preventing Burns & Scalds

Burns and Scalds SeminarBurns & Scalds Seminar

The aim of this seminar is to highlight burns & scalds as the fourth leading cause of death in the European Union for children according to the European Child Safety Alliance. Young children are especially vulnerable to burns and scalds, because their skin is thinner than adults and can suffer serious burns more quickly. More than 55% of burn injuries occur to boys, with scalds and burns occurring predominantly to toddlers under the age of 2 years.


Hazard Hunter

Play Hazard Hunter GameHazard Hunter is the hero of our interactive game which helps children and young people to spot any potential dangers at home and in the garden.

There are six areas to choose from, with a game to play in each.

The aim of the games is to see how many dangers you can spot and to find out more about home safety.

There are also factsheets for each area, as well as quizzes to see how much you have remembered.

To play the game, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and JavaScript enabled. Adobe Flash Player is a free plug-in and is easy to install.



If you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed or JavaScript enabled, you can still access the quiz questions and answers and activity sheets.


Advice to Avoid Accidents At Home

Advice to avoid accidents at home

Did you know that in Northern Ireland every year, over 70 people die due to an accident in the home and almost 70,000 visit their local Accident & Emergency Departments seeking help? It is estimated that 1 out of every 7 people attending Accident & Emergency because of a home accident is actually admitted to hospital.

Safe Home, Happy Home Check Scheme is aimed at reducing the number of accidents within the home.

The people most at risk of home accidents are: Children under the age of 5 and adults over 65

A friendly visit from a Home Safety Officer will help you to identify areas of risk in your home and give you the information, advice and support you need to make your home safer. For further information or to arrange a visit contact your local HAP group...


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